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Your vehicle’s transmission works with the power of your engine to move you. Without an operable transmission, your car won’t shift gears properly or might not move at all. At the first sign of transmission trouble— harsh gear changes, leaking red fluid, jerking motions, loud thuds— it’s time for transmission repair. This is never a problem you want to ignore, because it will soon lead to more severe repairs and more costly issues. Give us a call or pay a visit to the experts at Carotech Automotive in the Pico-Robertson area today, your honest and reliable choice for complete transmission repairs and service.

Transmission repair can be one of the most expensive repairs you have performed on your vehicle. If you think you need transmission repairs, one thing you can do to troubleshoot is to check the fluid levels. If your fluid levels are lower than they should be, you may have a slow leak. Leaks are not the only problem that can develop in your transmission. You may start to feel the gears slipping when the transmission shifts. You may also hear a loud noise and feel the car shaking if your CV joints need to be replaced. One of the biggest problems that can occur with your transmission is a faulty mount. If you smell, hear or feel anything out of the ordinary happening with your transmission bring it by the shop for a diagnostic and possibly a transmission repair.We are here to make sure your car runs as smoothly as possible.


Do You Need Transmission Repair?

An Affordable Dealer Alternative

Our experienced ASE certified technicians have proven their transmission repair expertise over the years. Since 2006, we’ve worked hard to uphold our reputation throughout West Los Angeles as a full-service transmission repair facility handling a wide range of foreign and domestic vehicles. On a Toyota, Chevy and BMW alike, our ASE-Certified technicians utilize advanced equipment for precise transmission repair results. Carotech Automotive is the dealer alternative in West LA because of our honest approach and fair prices.
We’re dedicated to Your Satisfaction

Here at Carotech Automotive, we’re dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Realizing the need for transmission repairs can be a huge inconvenience, it’s our goal to make your visit as pleasant as possible when you put your trust in us. As a second-generation, family-owned shop specializing in transmission repairs, we stand by our reputation, honesty and certifications to give you the best warranty in the region.