Check Engine Light Diagnostics – West Los Angeles


From an electrical issue or a sensor failure, to a rough-running engine or starting trouble, car problems can take many forms. Your drivetrain might lose power, or you could be burning more fuel than normal. While every vehicle is different, there’s one constant: the auto diagnostic repair services at Carotech Automotive in West LA. When you’re anywhere on the Westside whether it be in the PIco-Robertson area, Beverywill, Carthay or Culver City, and your Check Engine Light comes on, give Gary and the experts at Carotech Automotive a call. We’re the area’s reliable and professional source for solid results and we’ll be happy to take a look under the hood and of course we’ll take careful and meticulous care of your vehicle.

An Affordable Dealer Alternative

Carotech Automotive has earned plenty of experience in auto diagnostic repair since we opened for business in 2006. We’re proud of our reputation throughout West LA as a full-service auto diagnostic repair facility handling a range of foreign and domestic vehicles. From an electrical diagnosis on BMW to drivetrain work on a Dodge to working on Hybrid vehicles, our ASE-Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art technology and equipment in all procedures. With our reasonable rates, we hope you’ll consider Carotech Automotive as an affordable dealer alternative for any level of auto diagnostic repairs.

All vehicles manufactured after the mid 90’s are equipped with an Electronic Control Unit. Your vehicle’s ECU is essentially an onboard computer that monitors the performance of an engine’s fuel injection, RPM’s and a multitude of other processes required to keep your car running. The ECU is constantly making small adjustments to the timing of these processes and keeping them in line. In the event of a problem the ECU cannot fix, the ECU will activate your “check engine light” and store a trouble code in its memory for collection by a technician.

Our Dedication to Your Satisfaction

Our team of ASE certified technicians is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction as you can see by our positive reviews. We realize that when the check engine light comes on in your vehicle that it’s not necessarily a great feeling. Not to worry, Gary and our Tech’s we’ll work hard to make your visit as pleasant as possible and get you back on the road as soon as possible. With over 80 years experience in the automotive repair industry, we stand by our reputation, honesty and certifications to give you the best warranty in Los Angeles.