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One of the last things you want on a hot day is to get into your vehicle and find that the air conditioning is not working. Air conditioning plays an important role in keeping you cool and comfortable during your drive.

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system is showing any signs of needing to be serviced or repaired, you should make an appointment with a qualified automotive shop as soon as possible, so you can ensure your vehicle maintains a pleasant and comfortable driving experience for you and your passengers.

Signs Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Needs Repairs

Car A/CIf your vehicle is showing any of the following signs, your vehicle’s air conditioning needs to be serviced and repaired:

  • The air conditioning vents are only blowing out hot air or no air at all.
  • There are foul or unusual odors coming from the air conditioning vents when the A/C is turned on.
  • There is water pooling under the dash and on the floor mats inside the vehicle after the air conditioning has been running.
  • There are puddles of refrigerant beneath the vehicle.

These signs could mean that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is not working properly and should be looked at by an expert. Some of the most common air conditioning issues that need to be serviced include:

  • Blocked, clogged, or broken condenser
  • Electrical issues (e.g. broken or frayed wires, blown fuse)
  • Malfunctioning cooling fans
  • Malfunctioning compressor (e.g. worn pulley bearing or compressor clutch)
  • Failed expansion valve
  • Excess condensation in air conditioning system
  • Leaking coolant, refrigerant, or compressor oil
  • Low refrigerant

Brands Serviced

Our experts at Carotech Automotive & Complete Car Care Center specialize in air conditioning services and repairs for a wide variety of European makes & models including:

We are also proud to be LA’s go-to shop for Domestic & Import auto A/C services, committed to quality work no matter what you drive.

Make an Appointment with Carotech Automotive’s ASE-Certified Technicians

Carotech Automotive & Complete Car Care Center provides AAA approved auto repair to drivers throughout the Pico Robertson & greater Los Angeles, CA area and its surrounding cities including:

Our ASE-certified technicians are able to provide exceptional service to both you and your vehicle. We take into consideration our customer’s time and ensure only high-quality parts for any repairs needed for your vehicle.

With our 36-Month/36,000-Mile warranty, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is being serviced and repaired by expert technicians that specialize in air conditioning services and repairs. If you are in or around Pico Robertson or the greater Los Angeles area and need your vehicle’s air conditioning to be serviced, please make an appointment with our shop today and get the excellent service you deserve.