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Your vehicle’s brakes play a crucial role in keeping you, your passengers, and other people on the road safe. In addition, brake issues that are ignored can cost more money over time by causing excessive wear on your vehicle’s tires and causing strain on other parts of the vehicle. If your European vehicle is showing any signs of malfunctioning or failing brakes, it is important that you take it to be inspected, serviced, and repaired by a qualified automotive technician as soon as possible. Without properly working brakes, your vehicle’s safety is greatly compromised. At Carotech Automotive & Complete Car Care Center we help drivers all throughout Los Angeles in the Pico Robertson area take better care of their European car’s brakes with complete services & repairs.

Signs Your Vehicle’s Brakes Need Repairs

Car BrakeSince your brakes are an essential element of your vehicle, it is crucial that you keep a close eye on them and know what signs to look for indicating that your vehicle is in need of brake repairs. The following are signs that your vehicle’s brakes need to be serviced and repaired by an expert automotive technician:

  • brake pedal feels unresponsive when braking
  • vehicle takes longer than usual to come to a complete stop
  • squealing or grinding noise when braking
  • vehicle vibrates when braking
  • brake warning light illuminates on dashboard
  • burning smell when braking
  • vehicle pulls to one side while braking

Some of the causes for these signs of malfunctioning brakes include:

  • Leaks in the brake hose
  • Worn or damaged brake pads
  • Worn, warped, or damaged brake rotors
  • Malfunctioning brake calipers or pistons
  • Debris in brake fluid
  • Low brake fluid

Brands Serviced

Our experts at Carotech Automotive & Complete Car Care Center specialize in brake services and repairs for a wide variety of European & Japanese automotive brands including:

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Carotech Automotive & Complete Car Care Center provides AAA-approved auto repair to Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Our ASE-certified technicians are able to provide exceptional service to both you and your vehicle. We take into consideration our customer’s time and ensure only high-quality parts for any repairs needed for your vehicle.

Any brakes serviced by our automotive technicians will be under our 36-month/36,000-mile warranty, so you know you are guaranteed to be safe going back out on the road. If you are in the Pico Robertson area in Los Angeles and need your vehicle’s brakes to be serviced, make an appointment today with our team and keep you and everyone else on the road safe. We’re also the go-to shop for European & Japanese auto owners throughout surrounding areas like:

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