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Car Power Steering

The power steering in your car makes it easier for you to turn and steer your car. Without this system, you would have to rely on the strength in your own arms and shoulders to turn your car to the right or left. The power steering system is comprised of the pump and a rack and pinion system. The pump controls the rack and pinion through hydraulic pressure. The rack and pinion system is what actually turns the tires on the car. The power steering system requires a special fluid that keeps thing lubricated. If this fluid gets too low it can cause serious problems for the rack and pinion as well as the pump. Usually, if the power steering fluid is low, it means you have a leak. Contact Carotech Automotive & Complete Car Care Center at (424) 283-4303 to repair your power steering leak in the Pico Robertson area in Los Angeles. We proudly offer a variety of services to keep your power steering system functioning properly.

Power Steering Leak Repair You Can Depend On

A power steering leak poses a serious problem for your power steering system. If the fluid drops, the components in the rack and pinion, or even in the pump itself can be seriously damaged. Letting a power steering leak go too long without checking the fluid could spell disaster and leave you unable to steer your car correctly. Here are some general signs that your power steering system isn’t working properly, even if you don’t have a power steering leak.

Car Power Steering Fluid Level CheckSquealing Noise on Ignition: If your car makes a squealing noise when the car starts up or when it is being driven at low speeds, It could indicate that there is something wrong with the belt that is driving the power brakes pump, or the pump itself has worn down.

Loose or Stiff Steering Wheel: Any change in difficulty when turning your wheel could be an indication that something is wrong with your power steering system. More often than not, it simply requires more power steering fluid, however, this can indicate a leak somewhere along the system and should be remedied as soon as possible.

Slippage: If your power steering assist functions erratically, it is sure sign of a problem. The source of which could range anywhere along the system. This kind of issue is a serious risk to yourself, your passengers and other drivers on the road and should be looked at immediately.

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The power steering pump is generally run by the serpentine belt, which means it can quickly become very annoying to attempt any maintenance on your own. If you need to repair a power steering leak contact or visit our shop in the Pico Robertson area in LA today. If you don’t have a power steering leak, but are still in need of power steering repair, we are more than happy to perform a diagnostic to determine what the cause of the problem is. We invite you to contact us, or stop by the shop and we will be glad to answer any and all questions you have about what your car needs, and what we can do for you.