Fuel Injector Repair – Los Angeles


Carotech Automotive and Tires is pleased to provide fuel injector cleaning in Los Angeles, CA. There are many reasons to consider fuel injector cleaning for your vehicle; the number one reason being a possible alternative to replacing the entire system. A clogged or dirty fuel injection system can cause a number of issues and affect the drivability of your vehicle. Fuel injectors become dirty through the continued use of low-grade fuels; this causes a buildup of carbon in your fuel injection system and eventually results in poor performance from the fuel injectors. Contact our shop at (424) 283-4303 to schedule your fuel injector cleaning today.

Do You Need Fuel Injector cleaning?

Fuel injector repairs, poor gas mileage, knocking noises and hard starting are just a few of the issues that can be resolved by a fuel injector cleaning. Fuel injection works by delivering a metered mixture of fuel and oxygen into your engine, when the spark plugs activate, this mixture combusts and provides the power to drive your vehicle forward. If the fuel injectors become dirty over time, from certain driving habits or from poor fuel quality, this process can be impeded by not allowing enough fuel into the combustion chamber. This will cause your vehicle to experience rough idling or hesitation when accelerating. In extreme cases, the buildup of carbon on your fuel injectors and inside the combustion chamber can cause a hard knocking sound from your engine. It can be extremely prudent to get a fuel injector cleaning at the recommended interval of every 20 to 30 thousand miles.

Reliable Fuel Injector Cleaning for Your Car

If the fuel injectors are subjected to long-term abuse without service, they can be damaged to the point of failure and they must be replaced. The cost of the injectors alone can be quite high compared to the price of a fuel injector cleaning in Los Angeles, CA. If you are experiencing some side effects of clogged or dirty fuel injectors, swing by our shop and we will evaluate if your vehicle would benefit from a fuel injection cleaning. Feel free to contact us at (424) 283-4303, and we will discuss what a fuel injection cleaning can do for your vehicle.