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The transmission in your Mercedes, just like any other vehicle, is crucial for the functionality of your car. Without the transmission, your vehicle cannot move. One common symptom of a faulty transmission is fluid leaks.

A transmission fluid leak is a problem that develops over time due to tear and wear. If left unchecked, the problem can develop into a more serious problem and cause the complete breakdown of your vehicle. So, when you notice leakage from your transmission near the undercarriage, or if your dashboard signals low transmission fluid, you should attend to it immediately before it develops into a severe problem.

When there is a transmission leak, there is the possibility that the transmission pan is punctured or not correctly fitted, or the bolt used in securing the pan was not properly tightened. Recognizing the problem is fifty percent of the work, so entrusting the repair process to an experienced mechanic is important to prevent further complications. That said, let us zero in on the causes of leaking transmission fluid in your Mercedes.

Common Causes of a Transmission Leak in Your Mercedes

There are several causes of a transmission leak in a Mercedes. Identifying the common causes of a transmission leak is essential to solving the problem and preventing the future occurrence of such a problem. The causes include:

  • Drain Plug Not Tightened Correctly: Fluid may seep out of your drain pan if the drain plug at the bottom isn’t tight enough. On the other hand, if your drain plug is excessively tight, the threading on the plug may be damaged, causing fluid to escape. It all comes down to striking the correct balance. Unfortunately, this frequently occurs after changing transmission fluid, so ensure the drain plug is installed correctly.
  • Hole in the transmission pan: The transmission pan in your car is designed to keep transmission fluid in place. It is placed on the underbelly of your vehicle and is vulnerable to damage from rocks and debris. When the transmission pan is punctured, fluid will seep out from the hole.
  • Crack In The Torque Converter: The torque converter circulates transmission fluid throughout your transmission to keep everything lubricated. If the converter develops a break, the fluid will leak out. Some of the causes discussed above are difficult to diagnose and require an experienced Mercedes mechanic for proper diagnosis.

Symptoms of a Transmission that is Leaking Fluid

The most apparent symptom is leaking transmission fluid from your vehicle undercarriage. This is indicative of a developing problem and if left unchecked, it could result in more complications with your transmission. The transmission fluid is crimson and has a nice odor.

When your transmission is not properly lubricated, it could result in shaking or jerking when switching between gears. Transitioning between gears should be seamless and smooth. So if your car is jerking or shaking when shifting, it could be from a shortage of transmission fluid within the system.

The transmission fluid is responsible for the proper lubrication of the system, and its shortage could cause friction. Since the transmission fluid does not normally lessen from time and usage, the fluid shortage could be from leakage in the system.

Other problems that can result from a low transmission fluid include:

  • troubles shifting through gears
  • unresponsive transmission
  • clunking noise
  • burning smell

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