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How to Deal with a Faulty Starter Solenoid in a Mini in Los Angeles

MINI Starter Solenoid

The starter solenoid is a powerful electromagnet switch, it’s also known as a solenoid switch. It turns on an internal combustion engine’s starting motor. You could hear it called a starter relay as well.

Two coils of wire wound around a moveable iron core and a series of hefty metal contacts make up the starter solenoid. A small connector and two larger connectors are normally found on the outside of the solenoid.

The starter control wire, which connects to the ignition switch, is connected to the tiny terminal. The battery line from the positive terminal of the battery is connected to one huge terminal. The wire that supplies voltage to the starter motor is connected to the other big terminal.

What are the reasons why a starter solenoid can become faulty?

Faulty starter solenoids can simply become excessively problematic over time and require attention and time because your vehicle will be prevented from starting and working at all. This could eat into your precious time and cause inconvenience to you generally. Let’s shed some light on why this issue should occur and how you can go about the issue of a faulty starter solenoid in your Mini.

  • Bad wiring: Inadequate power supply to the solenoid can be caused by poor wiring. Shorting is a more dangerous consequence of poor wiring. Both, on the other hand, have the potential to produce a malfunction and cause issues with your starter system.
  • Bolts are too tight: This frequently happens when you use high-torque tightening equipment. Some parts of the solenoid or the starting will stretch or break, resulting in shorts or mechanical failure of your beginning system.
  • Excessive heat: Excessive heat can be caused by excessively high currents passing through the solenoid for long periods. The soldering in the starter solenoid contacts might melt and weld together if the ignition switch is left in the start position for too long.

The starter solenoid typically has four common problems:

  • The suction fails sometimes or only works when the engine is cooling and fails when the engine is warming up.
  • The starter solenoid cannot be reset when the engine is turned on. When you release the start button, the starter continues to run and only stops when the power is turned off.
  • After repeated usage, the return spring’s elastic force declines, and the one-way clutch’s drive gear cannot be restored promptly, instead of being driven and reversely dragged by the flywheel ring gear.
  • When the starter is turned on, the starter solenoid makes a periodic noise, but the starter does not rotate.

What can be fixed on a faulty starter solenoid?

  • An Issue with the Starter Solenoid: The movable iron core needs to be able to move freely. If not, you should identify and resolve the issue(s) that are causing the stuck. If the spring is damaged, it should be replaced. The faulty spring is the most common source of the stuck issue.
  • Contact Plate Burnout and Starter Solenoid Contacts: If the solenoid contacts are not significantly burned out, simply polish the surface of the solenoid contacts and contact plate with sandpaper. If the surface is severely burnt out, open the solenoid cap, remove the contacts and contact plate, and file or add flat washers until the two contacts are of equal height.
  • Dissemble the Threads of B/M Terminal Bolts: M8 or M10 copper bolts are commonly used in terminals. The typical method of repair is to remove the starter and starter solenoid from the car, disassemble the solenoid, unscrew the terminal bolt, and rethread the terminal bolts using a threading die.

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